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Why do I experience different feelings in each separate cycle of theraphy?

I have just bought the Platinum III after you have diagnosed my problems and matched very well with the SGH and Parkway lab reports. Each time when I lie on the system, I feel different. Initially, I don’t feel any heat inside my body at all. But after using it for 8 days, I can feel the heat deep inside my body after lying on the system for almost 2 hours very suddenly and sometimes very gradually. Can you explain to me about these peculiar feelings?


Dear Ms M,

I am very glad you have enjoy your therapy. Because you have kidney degeneration and possible cancer growths, I strongly suggested you should be on at least Platinum III and return to our centre regularly for using the Revealation. You have to understand that our emotions can fluctuate greatly especially you have to report to work and handle your domestic affairs. Juggling between these two extremely environments can be very taxing on your energy levels. But anyway, we have no other alternatives as modern city dwellers. Stress is the mother of all diseases. Because of these drastic mood and emotions swings, your energy levels are very irregular. Upon lying on the Platinum III. The system will analyses your current state of energy profile (that is the reason why we don’t encourage sharing) and the system will heal you based on your weakest spots.  

I hope you can understand that the system will have to start healing you from the weakest spot which requires immediate attention then it will help you for your second most immediate weak or ill spots or areas or meridians, etc. Each spot of healing requires different healing protocols. If you are very weak at that particular moment, you won’t feel anything at all. But the system wills continuously supplying you with energies based on the protocols in the computer. Once the meridians are cleared, you can feel the Qi or heat deep inside your body. This is due to the improved bllod circulation or Qi flow. As a result you may feel the energies suddenly. The feeling is different for different people due to the pathological conditions and emotional aspect for that moment. These are some of the key parameter the system will have to take care for the individual.