Product Frequently Asked Questions
1 How long after a treatment would the blood cells look like they did "before" the treatment, all things equal?
2 I have bought the Platinum I and find that it is not as comfortable as the Platinum III that I have used in Singapore. Can you tell me the differences?
3 What is Live Blood Analysis (LBA)?
4 How would I know which system is suitable for me?
5 What is a good diet for reducing the probabilities of getting Cancer
6 Could your system help people with smoking and drinking problems?
7 How do I check if the mattress is functioning?
8 Would the Pet mattress be destroyed by my dog’s urine?
9 How do your systems help people who suffer from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases?
10 Why do I perspire profusely during theraphy?
11 Why do I experience different feelings in each separate cycle of theraphy?
12 Can your product improve my Qi?
13 Why do you recommend water in your protocol?
14 What is your protocol for is using your Revealtion systems?
15 What are the differences between Gold, Silver, Bronze series?
16 Queries from potential importer
17 Could you recommend other alternative systems as we could not afford your system?
18 Could our system help people with chronics diseases?
19 Would it be possible to view the models available at your office and are there any demo units available that we could test before purchase?
20 What are the differences between the Pet clinical and Pet standard models? I know you mentioned that the standard model has a lower specification but what are the specifications?
21 What are the differences between the Pet models and the Human models? Are there specific physiological differences that are catered for or are the differences on the power of the units, intelligence, etc.
22 What do you think of this product (an enclosed environment labeled FIR products)?
23 Query from a anxious husband whose wife suffering from unknown chronics diseases for several years.
24 Some comments from our users for Therapeutic Seat. This Q&A benefits office workers who are chair bounded and diabetic or feeling always low in energies.
25 Dr Loh, May I know how your systems help me as a breast cancer victim and suffer relapse after 10 years?
26 Can the mattress help allergy and heart problems?
27 Will your system help breast cancer victims who are estrogen positive?
28 Why do you select Tourmaline in your products?
29 Communication between Dr Loh and a breast relapsed cancer victim regarding medical appointment and treatments.
30 Recommendation of systems comments