Products trade-in Promotion

Dear Users and Supporters,

We have new products for our Therapeutic Eye Pads and Therapeutic Hat.
For this Feb and March, We are offering trade in promotion for your Therapeutic Eye Pads,
Therapeutic Hats and Therapeutic Mattresses.
The trade in value can be as high as 50% depending on the grades of product upgrade.



Improtant Notice of Product Warranty

Dear Customers and Supporters,

With immediate effect, Revelation 22 and Rev 22 have been removed as distributor of our services and products.
Any services and products sold by these companies have no relation with our company.
For all purchases of our products (Therapeutic Mattresses and 20M ionizers before 31 Jan 2012)
through Revelation 22 and Rev 22, please contact us for warranty and support.
Please produce proof of purchase (receipt and payment slips).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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VicWell BioMedical Pte Ltd

VicWell BioMedical Pte Ltd is a Biomedical Engineering Company.

VicWell BioMedical perform its own research and development on non-invasive therapeutic devices and systems.
It manufactures, market and selling its Negative Ions and Far Infra Red products directly and through distributors.
It also provides a range of comprehensive therapy and after-sales services directly to all its users.

We have a very strong engineering foundation in developing various strategic biomedical products.
We provide professionally customized consultancy on alternative therapy options to individuals. 

Our company philosophy is to provide health impaired individuals or city dwellers objective rehabilitation and therapy means based on their individual daily activities so as to achieve prevention and healthy goals.
As for the diseased individuals, we provide a range of options to improve individuals’ quality of life, enhance their health so as to help them to attain normal healthy status.

From the product development point of view, it is led by Dr Loh Kah Meng who has many years of experience in developing NAI and FIR centric therapeutic products.
Based on his personal clinical works and continuous research, he has invented many techniques and algorithms that can be put into a wide range of therapeutic products to have helped many health impaired individuals.

These products include our best selling clinical therapeutic systems; Platinum II (product model name from our Clinical Catalogue, please refer to the details as follow).
The other products include therapeutic hats, seats, socks, blankets and mattress.
It is also very important for us to inform our readers that we also work with Veterinary Science Department to develop a range of therapeutic products for pets such as dogs, cats and even horses.

All our products are constructed from natural and organic ingredients.
Our products such as the therapeutic mattresses are fully hand-made to ensure we always maintained the highest possible quality and non-allergic to sensitive individual to ensure a good quality rest.